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Thank you for your interest in working with National Health Recruiters to meet your healthcare personnel recruiting needs. 

If you would like an Employer Account with National Health Recruiters, please send your request to

and someone will contact you shortly.  After you recieve your Employer account, you will be able to login and access appropriate documents on this page.

Why Partner with National Health Recruiters?

The best candidates are out there, and National Health Recruiters can connect you with top-level talent.

With the staff shortage healthcare companies are facing, a partnership with a search firm has become necessary.

You may find yourself asking, "why incur the extra expense of a recruitment firm for candidates when we can run an ad in the regional newspaper?” You may even entertain the idea of hiring internal recruiters to help with some of the challenges that you are facing.

Running ads costs money without any guarantee on the investment made. Ads can run for months without finding a single, qualified candidate. More often than not, ads result in stacks of useless resumes on the corner of your desk.

Partnering with an experienced search firm with industry-specific expertise will result in high-level candidate presentations. Your company will meet and interview the absolute best candidates available to help your organization. This will save you time, money and improve the overall quality of your company through hiring the best people.

Your business is not recruitment. Your business is healthcare and that is where you want to focus your energy.

At National Health Recruiters, we help healthcare organizations focus on core business, save time and money, and hire the most suitable candidates for their critical job openings. We are very aggressive and efficient. We will ensure that you will meet and interview the best people in your industry.

Hiring the best requires going out and finding the best. They will not come to you. Do you have time to go out and find the best? We do. It's what National Health Recruiters does best.